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I've discussed my theory of iTunes as OS before. For those of you new to my rantings, here's the concept: Apple's domination of this space requires that we build our Podcasts for iTunes first. They're the OS.

You want to build software, you build for Windows first. They're the OS.

Here are some numbers: For the last 3 months of Marketing Online Live, 87.26% of our downloads have come from iTunes users (Windows and Mac). Heck, our percentage of Mac listeners is hair less than 60% bigger than our percentage of non-iTunes listeners.

Numbers don't lie.

Here's the reason for today's post.

iTunes, by default, downloads the lastest episode, and only the latest episode. You have to click to download anything else. Therefore, statisically speaking, our audience base downloads only the latest episode, no matter how much we want another behavior.

If we don't wait enough time between episodes, our listener base won't listen to everything we do.

Case in point – we released MOL#35 only a day after MOL#34.

MOL#34 has one of the worst downloads in recent history.

MOL#35 is doing quite well.

Now, actually, we did this on purpose to test out this theory and, well, numbers don't lie.

When you build your Podcast, make sure you're building for the default OS.

It's iTunes.


And we don't see that changing for a long time.

p.s., iTunes has 2 clients – the iPod and the desktop.

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