We’re Getting Smarter in Podcast Metrics

I love it when the smart people run the show. The Podcast Brothers are smart people and the Podcast Expo is the show they’re running. Paul’s big tip – listen to the Podcast and attend the event.

Today’s episode (6/23/6) is pure gold for anyone look to monetize their Podcast. It’s the perfect combo of theory and application. Listen today.

Specifically: Pay attention to where Tim Bourquin discusses his testing experiments for ads in his Podcasts (from a presentation at Podcast Academy). He links to slides as well with the specific numbers. Download this slidedeck. I can’t believe he released it to the public.

Facts are simple:

1. Clickthroughs in his Podcasts are doing better than traditional clickthroughs in most every other online marketing option today.

2. He tested, so now he knows, and he can now charge for his Podcasts accordingly.

I’d suggest you do the same.

This is the kind of smart thinking this industry needs.

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