What Am I Missing About Ning?

O.k., so Ning.com.

Great concept – love it.

Even bought the 2 premium features of being able to run my own ads and map my own domain.

The engine I'm using for PodcasterSpace.com just don't cut it so I built one over at Ning – currently http://podcasterspace.ning.com/.

I'd like to link my domain, having paid for it and all (on May 20), and put up Adsense (they're gonna bill me on June 20, according to their system, which of course has passed) to pay some bills.

But, there are no directions that I can find (easy to change my credit card though) and no contact method.

What am I missing? There are some smart people behind this thing and the code is great (open source) but, I'd like to get what I paid for more than a month ago.

Update: Someone pointed me to a contact page – http://www.ning.com/contactNing.html – I'll give that a try and let you know how that goes.

Update: Heard back from tech support. “The various bits of info you need are linked from the pages where you order the premium services.” I sure couldn't find them. They also did tell me what page to check out and, … we're done. www.PodcasterSpace.com is live.

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