Results on the Affiliate Manager Secrets Podcast Test

Re this Posting on a Podcast advertising campaign.

O.k., time got away from me and I didn’t have the chance to track my Podcast Advertising for Affiliate Manager Secrets apart from my other efforts, so I am unable to give you direct numbers on how the Podcast did for me.

However, since a proper ad campaign uses multiple entities (Web, Email, Podcast, etc.), I still thought it would be interesting to report the results.

Everything I did was to track clicks to, the domain I set up as an affiliate link for the program. Podcast, postings, emails, web, etc. – it all led there.

I generated $3.98 per unique visit to that site (and that’s net, not gross). At a more traditional Podcast ad insertion CPM of $40, if I saw more than 11 clicks per thousand (.11% clickthrough), I’d be on the short end of the stick.

I’ve seen clickthroughs on Podcasts as high as 5%. In this post a few days back, we saw Tim Bourquin is seeing 1.5% clickthrough in the worst case of all of his options – which is more than 10x what I would have needed, to brake even (in this case).

I realize the numbers aren’t perfect here because I didn’t segment them out, but in a week where everyone seems to be talking about coming “traditional” ad buys with “traditional” CPM rates I’d like to at least suggest that a little thinking outside of the box might see the kind of profits us Podcasters know, deep down, that we’re really worth.

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