I leave in a few hours for Gnomedex – after the batteries are charged, the laundry done, and a I attend to few things that require my cable Internet connection.

Top 5 Gnomedex Goals

  • Meet new people with big minds – the kinds who attend events like these. Catch up with old friends with big minds – many of which I met at Gnomedex last year.
  • Seeing if keynote Edwards gives a pre-written (by someone else) speech or speaks from the heart about how technology does matter. Wasn’t that impressed with the guy in the past but this … interesting. Guess which Podcasting Blogger has a degree in political science?
  • Actually enjoying and eating “conference food” that only Ponzi could come up with. At the same time, sneaking off for a meal at the Pink Door – I just can’t get enough of that place. Perhaps between the close and the party at the sci-fi museum. Join me?
  • Great discussion of a higher resolution.
  • Pretending I have some interesting to say about the event as I’m sharing a wifi connection with a room of world-class bloggers.
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