Updated: Gigivox, IT Conversations and the “Hybrid Business Model”

Update: the power of RSS – on my walk over to Gnomedex, I shared an elevator with Doug Kaye (he read this post) who wanted to make sure that twas understood that no money moves from GigaVox to the Conversations Network.

Read the entire document here.


The Conversations Network will now be part of a hybrid non-profit/for-profit business relationship. This change will substantially reduce the cost of running the network, which translates into (a) more programs, and (b) insurance for our long-term success.

So What:

Running a non-profit can be costly – not matter how good you are. The costs associated with running The Conversations Network have prevented Doug Kaye from doing everything he wanted to do with it.

Enter GigaVox Media, Inc., a for-profit that will work with The Conversations Network to make it work (i.e., raise funds and support TCN accordingly). CEO – the Internet’s Jimmy Stewart, Michael Geoghegan.

The “how” is well described in Doug’s PDF on the subject.

Now What:

Wait and see. Revenue generation from the spoken word of others past Doug’s “beer money” for his engineers will put a different dynamic on the exchange. Doug and Michael are SMART guys and I’m sure they’ll figure out the dynamic.

As an information marketer, this announcement has a great deal of my attention. A) Doug and Michael are SMART guys. B) I produce content for-profit as well so I look forward to learning from them and, possibly one day, working with them.

Now, off to Gnomedex. I need coffee!

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