The Duality That Is Podcasting, Part II

My post on “The Duality of Podcasting” from last month got a chunk of comments, even more email, and accomplished the task of getting us all thinking. Props to everyone who linked and/or participated in the conversation. Let's continue the process.

Thanks to Jon Watson for his comments. A few responses here:

Sadly, that's too simplistic forme and therefore since I don't buy into his framework, his entire ‘duality' notion falls apart for me.

In order to buy into Colligan's framework, I would have to believe that the third type of podcaster doesn't exist: the podcaster who loves what he does and is fortunate enough to get paid for it. Strangely, he later refers to this type of podcaster when comparing them to chefs. Maybe it's the 3:26am talking.

Twasn't as much as the 3:26am talking as it was the 3:26 preventing me from remember to mention everything.

In short, I have made a career out of doing what I love. Life is too short to be stuck doing what you hate (don't get me wrong, sometimes you have to do something boring or lame to get to what you love – but being stuck doing it is giving up). There is no stronger reason to get up in the morning past doing what you love for pay. Jon, I think your “third” option is the same as the first – at least for me.

When I said the “first” kind of Podcaster was one who did it for money, I meant subconsiously that they also enjoyed it. Obviously, I'm the only one attached to my own mind, so I should have spelled that out. Thanks for pointing that out!

Basically, if you don't enjoy doing it, if you aren't doing it for love, do as little of it as possible and work your way into a “job” you love.

So, let's try the two options again. How does this work?

The initial statement: There are 2 kinds of Podcasters – those with a goal of monetization (direct or indirect), and those who (only) do it for love.

The refined statment: There are 2 kinds of Podcasters – those with a goal of monetization (direct or indirect), and those who do it as a hobby. For either, it ain't worth doing unless you love doing it.. The first we'll call the “Professional Podcaster.” The second … how about “Hobbyist Podcaster?”

Actually, I still don't like the second term yet. But I think we need one – not to restrict ourselves to a title but to help us better define an industry that needs better definition.


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