Podshow Tin Foil Hat Moment

I suggested last night that we should wait until they fix things before we pass judgement – or make too much noise.

I’ve been thinking …

So, you’re launching a Podcast directory.

You have millions in VC and need to make a big splash.

You want lots of inbounds and attention and comments and blog postings from a very passionate “community.”

What do you do? What do you do?

You have a long history of creating controversy to sell papers. You know it works well.

What do you do? What do you do?

Could you / would you commit pretty much the biggest possible sin in the eyes of “the community” (it’s not like the idea of hijacking RSS as bad is a new concept here) and then say something like this:

Pretty tired from the week’s events, but there’s stuff to do and things to patch/fix/glue on PodShow.com. The most obvious being that external feeds should of course link to the original external feed

The RSS they created was crap and not finished. It looked like an offshore hack job – and now they’re gonna “change it” – less than 24 hours later.

Response to the community“, or “part of the plan for some time now?

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