Podcasting “Can Do Betters.”

Arrington reports that the new Yahoo home page is going live today.

The interface is nice, the Ajax is Ajaxy, and not a hint at Podcasting. We gots our “Music” and our “Radio” but nothing Podcasting.

And what has happened to the Podcasting center at Yahoo? Multiple entries for the same Podcasts, multiple entries for the episode at each listing (check out Marketing Online Live for an example), Blogs that aren't Podcast (but are in the index multiple times), and a continual and consistant dropping of Podcasts. I spoke with one Podcaster this weekend who runs back and forth between being highly rated (top 100) and missing from the index multiple times a week (he's #16 as I write this, but had to re-submit his site earlier this week because they dropped him). I personally have submitted Paul's Profitable Podcasting multiple times and still can't get in.

What a mess.

Yahoo can do better.

I've not commented on the Microsoft “iPod killer” rumors because I haven't read or heard a single thing (rumor or otherwise) about Podcast support. Yes, we might be able to get our MTV service via WiFi and our ColdPlay tracks reimbursed but … what about Podcasting? Anything? Anyone?

Microsoft can do better.

But some people are doing better:

I'm at the Orlando Airport as I type this. I just finished Mark Victor Hansen's Mega Book Marketing event and saw one of the champions of book publishing wave his custom MP3 player (congrats Dan!) in the air and suggest that his portable media player might be a better option than his stack of books on the stage. The audience – more than 600 book authors – many of whom you've heard of. You can teach that old dog new tricks. Keep on this blog for information about his coming Podcast.

Rachel, Noah and Blaine from 88Slide recorded a whole week of shows a Disneyland this weekend. Disney, the megacorp ain't just embracing Podcasting with it's official Podcast, but it is embracing Podcasters by letting some of the best and brightest into the Magic Kingdom to record. Major score for all Podcasters – it's just Rachel who got the free ears.

I'm still curious to see what Amanda comes up with, but Andrew and Joanne seem to be pulling off v2 with a, do a dare say, surprising amount of class? Last week's Casual Friday Episode with the gang from Tiki Bar was genius crossover, the likes of which the “networks” have tried to pull of for years with but a margin of the success that episode brought. That one goes into my top ten favorite Podcasts ever list. And I think they just might bring us some more.

We have no idea what the Podtech/Scoble connection will bring us but I have to imagine that if he does 10% for Podcasting what he did for Blogging, we're in for a good ride.

How big is September's Portable Media Expo going to be? The hotel is already sold out more than 2 months before the event … good sign.

So, some need to do better, others are doing better. We'll get there.

Join me for the ride.

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