Jason Calacanis Will Pay for Bookmarks

Say what you want about Jason Calacanis but I’ll say two things here: he monetizes content and he has what they call “a track record” for doing it well.

In his most recent blog post he has offered $1k a month for bookmarking rights.

We will pay you $1,000 a month for your “social bookmarking” rights. Put in at least 150 stories a month and we’ll give you $12,000 a year. (note: most of these folks put in 250-400 stories a month, so that 150 baseline is just that–a baseline).

Now, this offer is going to get a big response I know, so we’re going to have to limit to a dozen or so folks. However, I’m absolutely convinced that the top 20 people on DIGG, Delicious, Flickr, MySpace, and Reddit are worth $1,000 a month and if we’re the first folks to pay them that is fine with me–we will take the risk and the arrows from the folks who think we’re corrupting the community process (is there anyone out there who thinks this any more?!).

1 large a month for your bookmarks. Who says there is no money in content?

Read the post – subscribe to his feed (like you haven’t already).

Can I buy you a beer Jason?

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