Podshow Pro?

Got this one from Dana Gardner. Thanks sir!

I guess that’s what I get for being backlogged on my Daily Source Codes. Forgive me Podfather, for I have sinned.

PodShow, Inc., the world’s premier network for sharing, creating and discovering the best in podcasting, today announced the debut of PodShowPRO, a service designed specifically to enable businesses and professionals to take advantage of the revolution in podcasting and other independently produced content. As announced today, PodShowPRO is also the Podcasting module within AOL’s new AIM® Pro service, which is available free of charge at www.aol.com/aimpro.

In short, if you look at Pro.Podshow.Com, you’ll see that Adam and the boys (and girls – mustn’t forget Cali) have some higher goals for their little network than the futhering of the Gospel of Dawn and Drew 😉

I’ll be looking into this and am very curious indeed.

Anyone aware of the business model here, or is this just another channel for Podshow content?

Dana says.

You don’t need PodShow or any other media company to build out your audience for you. That’s the joy of it all, finally. Folks in the business world, get your own feeds, manage them yourselves, cultivate your own audiences, create your own content. The idea of today’s media-marketing landscape is to eliminate the middlemen, not add in new ones.

Is that what it is about – or is it a chance to get your Podcasts to a corporate audience that might now allow iTunes and discourage surfing for audio content? Who wouldn’t want that audience? Props to Podshow for helping me get it to them.

Or am I missing something?

Time will tell – I’ll be monitoring this one – insights welcome.

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