Getting the Vision for Video Podcasting

I still believe the killer app for Podcasting is the audio Podcast. The ability to turn down time to up time, in the end, beats commercial skipping, the range of content and more.

But the power and sizzle offered by video Podcasting is still interesting. Whereas the groove of audio Podcasts has easily been integrated into my life, I still haven't seen that with video Podcasting yet.

I've mentioned in the past the thrill of seeing Rocketboom in my Tivo queue (by the way, digging the Joanne Colan), but that ain't enough.

This morning I took my MacBook Pro with me to my weight bench. Put it on a chair, grabbed my remote (using the FrontRow application), and watched Ninja, Emo, Diggnation, Geekbrief, and the Boom while working out.

It was the same as sitting in front of my television – it was like I had a Tivo downstairs in the basement.

I pretty much did – but twasn't the cable company that was delivering the content – twas the ‘net.

The power of the video Podcast ain't the 2 inches I can watch on the airplane, it is that television as we know it today is quickly going away.

The middleman eliminated.

Two issues make video hard – 1) production and 2) distribution.

If #2 is eliminated and tools like iMovie (again, back to my Mac) make production easier and easier …

This could get interesting.

FrontRow has some interesting features – shared video over the network – I could have a little MacMini in the corner on the shelf downloading video Podcasts in the background and distributing them all over my house.

The only “shows” I watch are 24 and Battlestar Galactica – both available on iTunes (and for much less than my monthly cable bill).

This gets very interesting.

Anyway, random thoughts on Video Podcasting. Do with them what you will.

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