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I installed AIM Pro to examine the Podcasting features. Verdict: Not Even Close (Hopefully, Yet).

3 categories / 4 shows each. Total of 12. No controls, episode selection, etc. Hands down, worst Podcast player yet.

Search for “Podcast” or “Podcasting” in the help files – nothing found.

Not sure how the whole Podshow Pro thing works with this. Signed up for an account 30 minutes ago – haven’t received anything back yet. Will report when I get something.

I say “Hopefully, Yet” because I really would like this to work. There are a huge chunk of people who would install this thing that would never touch iTunes or any other Podcatcher (“I don’ts got me one of them iPods – I don’t even owns me an Apple computer”) who would willing put this (along with Weatherbug and others) on their desktop. If I could use that as a vehicle to distribute my content, we’re onto something here.

But right now it doesn’t look like I can have a piece of this very limited option.

And at this point, I’m not worried.

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