Podshow + = Not Evil, Just (Still) Messy

Twas curious initially how someone might get their show into the Podshow database without having to move everything over to Podshow and “sign over their first child,” etc.

I conducted a simple experiment – the results were interesting.

New show – Profitable Podcasting – launched after Podshow did so it was understandble that it wasn't in the database.

I emailed support with a simple question of how to get into the database without putting everything on the Podshow server.

Their response (from someone named Joe), “The PodShow Delivery Network directory gets information from
several sources, chiefly user submitted shows on the PodShow Network,
and Podcast Alley. If you want to get your show listed in the PodShow
directory, make sure that it is listed in PCA as we periodically crawl
that database. I hope that answers your question!

Question was answered but as with every tech support answer on the planet – response means nothing until you see action.

I submitted Profitable Podcasting to the Alley. Got in with no problem.

And, a few days later, I found my show in Podshow.

Nice and clean … getting into the database at least.

Now, the entry doesn't show my album art and shows 2 entries in the blog without any enclosures. Click and play on them and you get the first and second shows.

I'm guessing another bug (and not an attempt to make non Podshow Podcasts look like crap) – I'm sure it will get fixed soon.

Podshow – Not Evil, Just (Still) Messy.

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