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I’m sure this one will get some response, but I have to do anyway. First the question, then the thinking behind it.

Question: Why is that many expect infinite bandwidth and infinite disk space from Podcast hosting (and it better be cheap) when the simple laws of physics prevent this from being a reality?

When will wannabe podcast hosts get that limiting their customer’s diskspace or bandwidth puts them fundamentally at odds with their customer’s goals and needs? BizPodcasting.com

No desire to point out BizPodcasting.com here, he just summed up the meme better than I could.

No, don’t get me wrong – who doesn’t like the idea of someone else footing your bandwidth and storage bill … but … how can that not come at some cost (and mean more than a monthly fee that let’s than a delivered pizza)?

What are you giving up when you get your bandwidth that cheap?

Rights? Check out the YouTube or Podshow “issues” right now.

Uptime? The ultra-cheap seem to be ultra down an ultra a lot.

Content? There is always the ad insertion for hosting model.

Or am I just a hopelessly out of touch “Web 1.0” dude who spent too many years working for an ISP?

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