No, Daddy, I Don’t …

The same six year old daughter who told me a few weekends ago that she was “interested in Podcasting” because “you get to go places and meet people” had a funny little insight this morning that I must share.

We were on a quick errand and I, I’ll admit it, forgot my iPod.

So we turned on the radio.

Lindsey asked, “Where is that music coming from?”

I told her it was radio.

She ased, “What is radio?”

My six year old kid knows what Podcasting is, can run the Tivo remote (with KidsZone turned on, don’t worry) and already knows that we can put pictures on the Internet for Oma and Opa – but has no idea about the concept of radio. Fun to be in a bleeding edge family it is.

Even more fun – It won’t be long before a lot of kids are asking that very question.

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