EcomXpo Panel Announced

Proud to announce my EcomXpo Podcasting panel for the October EcomXpo virtual event. More details to follow:

“Podcast Monetization – Is It Just a Boy’s Game?”

The answer is a loud “NO” from these 3 visionaries in the Podcast space who have both monetized their Podcasts and are willing to explain exactly how they’ve done it. Join Paul Colligan, author of “The Business Podcasting Bible” and host of the Profitable Podcasting Podcast and his three guests as they discuss the very real world of Podcast Monetization from a distinctly female point of view.

Leesa Barnes – Cubicle Diva’s Podcast
Kelly McCausey – Work At Home Moms Talk Radio
Heather Vale – Success Unwrapped Radio Show

And, as a bonus, at the end of the panel, we’ll grab another conference line and do a episode (or two) of Profitable Podcasting as well.

p.s., where did I find this panel? Are you in there yet?

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