iTunes Category Pages Versus Yahoo Podcast Directory

We won't go into the numbers here as Apple wins that parts hand down.

Competition is good for the market. Period. Does Yahoo, Podshow, or anyone, have a chance at even a percentage of Apple's claim?

I'm less and less convinced that Microsoft even understands how to get into this market, btw, but I hope I'm wrong. Join me in my tracking of Zune if you are interested there.

Anyway, Apple Category pages are well done. As a business Podcaster, I finally have a place to look for who is making waves in the space – there are simply no other options online. There is still no clear reason as to what makes “New and Notable” or “Featured” – but at least we have a place to get a “sampling” of the wares. As far as I know, and correct me if I'm wrong, I got no other option online at this point?

Yahoo, … still a mess. They're still double and quadruple listing episodes (look at the Marketing Online Live page as an example), still have the same Podcast listed multiple times (example), but have seemed to generally stop listing blogs that didn't have a Podcast anywhere. They also seem to only update on a very irregular basis (case in point, Profitable Podcasting launched episode #2 on July 19 – it is now the 28th (but, of course, episode #1 is listed twice)) – not good at all.

Yahoo's potential is there – click to play, user tagging, episode and series ratings, multiple player support, the Yahoo as search meme, etc., but it is sadly, still only potential.

Btw, I still stick to my claim that Podshow is still finding their groove and fixing their bugs and won't comment on their efforts until I get that “feeling” that what I write about today will be in there next week 😉

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