What Do You Want to Know About Feedburner?

Feedburner is remixing their Podcast format (for the Feedburner Podcast, not Podcasting in general). The mighty mighty David Lawrence did the most recent one and you’ll be seeing (o.k., hearing) your’s truly soon on the show.

But, let’s have some fun with this shall we? What part of Feedburner do you want to hear / know about? I got a few ideas but I’d love to know what you think would be cool:

  • A chat with whoever is in charge of the servers that pound out the RSS for pretty much everyone and their Mom’s blog or Podcast?
  • An electronically altered (to protect the innocent) interview with the head of the team who had to “update” Feedburner to deal with Apple’s 4th of July surprise? Maybe ask them what they did over that weekend?
  • A quarter hour with a customer who is using Feedburner’s YourBrand on why they’re too lazy to run they’re own stats?
  • A moment in time with the Blogbeat folk on when conversion will finally happen and where they got that cool CityCloud idea?
  • Photoshop tips with the Burner’s TraciH
  • How to from someone making beer money with the Feedburner Ad Network?
  • Insert wacky insider comment here
  • Let’s have some fun. Suggests away …

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