A Podcaster’s Take on the 2006 WWDC – Updated

Updated: 1136a

As Gizmodo and Engadget blog live from Steve Job's keynote at WWDC 2006, I thought I'd provide a little commentary from afar.

1 – VMWare Beta for Mac – I went Mac because there was some great PC Podcasting Software and some great Mac Podcasting Software. I wanted the best of both worlds and an Intel Mac with Parallels mad that possible. Looks like it is even going to get easier.

2 – 50% of Mac customers are new Mac customers – Like me. 1.33 million Mac shipped last quester. Number goes way up if Stevie makes the Mac Mini into something I can put top my television and stop subscribing to Tivo. Will he launch that today?

3 – New Mac Pro launched – As expected. It's a screamed – as expected. Maybe some Podcasters will pick one up – but they seem to be themMacBook Pro types. New server launched as well. Also expected. Also a screamer.

4 – New OSX Features – Included: a) Time Machine (back up for when working with media files. I could see a Podcaster using that. b) Next Generation of Front Row Built Into Leopard – Please, please, please, iDVR or whatever you want to call it Steve … c) Virtual Spaces – Virtual Machines. Might be nice to have one “machine” set for rendering the Podcast while another for RSS, Blogging, etc. while rendering happens. Nothing earth shattering but very cool. d) Spotlight Gets an Upgrade – Search on other machines. e) Core Animation – Only important if you're rendering cool titles for your video podcast. f) Universal Access Stuff – Always a good idea. g) Voiceover – Text to speech. Interesting Podcasting implications. h) Mail – Gets some updates – to do stuff specifically. Ooooh pretty.

5 – On to Dashboard – Yes, she's an OSX upgrade but that last paragraph was getting too long. Introducing WebClip – make a Webpage a Widget. Wasn't that called Active Desktop before? Interesting Podcast tracking opportunities here for the smart programmer.

6 – iChat Enhanced – Photobooth effects in video conferencing. Cute but …


And that's it. Nothing big. No Tivo killer. Nothing else to report.

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