Spent Some Time At Podshow Plus Last Night …

I spent some time at Podshow+ (the social networking engine for Podshow) last night. Some thoughts, in free-form mode:

First things first: my page is ProfitablePodcasting.Podshow.com. Feel free to “Dig” me and I’ll probably ad you to my “Entourage.”

Is the site any better than MySpace (my page @) or PodcasterSpace (my page @)? Well it ain’t as ugly as MySpace and is focused on the Podcast listener specifically. PodcasterSpace is focused on the Podcaster specifically, but isn’t anywhere near as fancy.

There are basically at this point, 2 roles for the site:

1) The social networking element, which is does quite well (seriously, Dig me). Of course, this is a site for listeners, not Podcasters – keep that in mind. Us Podcasters are there, but it wasn’t designed for us. BTW, this is Curry’s take on the whole thing as well.

2) The Podcast gathering / grouping / organizing element that it does quite poorly. My main complaints have nothing to do with the obvious bugs/errors/issues that are yet to be fixed (see my original post on my thoughts on their un-beta launch), but deal with the fact that it simply doesn’t simplify the Podcast consumption process.

I have to take my shows with me. I don’t spend enough time in front of the computer to take in all the shows I want. Podshow has the iTunes listen feature – so all should all be well, right? I spent 2 hours uploading my OPML from my iTunes subscriptions (I’m going back, btw) and trying to organize them into a system that made sense to me. Once I put these “new” channels in iTunes, they were so tagged with Podshow info that I couldn’t tell a Podcast Brothers episode from a Poop Cast. I needs my descriptions – don’t take them away from me:

Yes, Podcasters should do a better job of naming their shows but I need more than DSC-XXX to tell me what I got this episode.

Really two issues – the description stuff is one – but everything in one channel just don’t work. I want one for DSC, the Brothers, etc.

Now, let’s face it, the Podshow money at this point is in the desktop listen. I really don’t think that works that well either. Yes, they still need to get some bugs worked out but the flow, the groove, just isn’t there yet.

In short, it ain’t easier, or better – and it has to be one of the two to get my attention.

So, that’s my “unbeta” overview.

FWIW, I also reviewed the role of Podshow Plus for the Podcaster in Episode 32 of Podcast Tools (subscribe iTunes) . Podcaster’s shouldn’t ignore this thing at this point and I explain why in five minutes.

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