7 Ways to Make Podshow Plus Better

Yesterday’s post was a bit of a downer. Who needs that. In short, I don’t think Podshow Plus is “ready” yet – but I appreciate their efforts. Sure a lot more than Microsoft/Google/Real has done.

But let’s move to the constructive – so, I offer 7 ways to make Podshow Plus better.

1 – Produce a video tour walkthrough of the site that listeners can view to better understand everything you have to offer. You think explaining Podcasting is hard, try explaining your site 😉 Also, you probably know some nuggets that we don’t that will make it all easier for everyone.

2 – Even in your Web player, the show title (when you’ve gone through the proces of organizing everything) is always the name of your channel. That don’t work. If I’m watching a channel, I don’t need to be told them name of the show is the name of the channel. To confusing. Don’t worry guys, if you’ve got me in the Web viewer, I know you’re Podshow, pass on the branding luv.

3 – The “Up Next” panel in the Web viewer shows nothing if the Podcaster hasn’t tagged accordingly. You can’t do much about their tagging, but the listener thinks it is your fault, not the show’s. How about an “if blank than put show title” in there – or something like that?

4 – Don’t have panels or buttons that lead to “Not Yet Ready.” If it ain’t ready, no button.

5 – Email – at the very least offer me a chance to be updated in my email box when I get an email through your system. Just found out there were a bunch of emails in my Podshow box. Want to get really cool? Offer an IM or SMS interface that pings my IM or phone every time I get email.

6 – If I export my collection to any other system, don’t remove from that system’s experience. As I posted yesterday, the iTunes experience is terrible with you guys. You’ve masterminded a media revolution, I’m pretty sure you can figure out how to let me keep my tags and find my stuff on my iPod.

7 – Podsafe Music Playlists. You let us Podcasters do it – let the listeners do it as well. Paul, is Podsafe music any good? Why, yes, here’s a feed of more than 60 minutes of my favorite stuff. Plug it into iTunes and you’re good.

Adam, appreciate what you’re doing. Just trying to rise the tide for all of us. Sorry if yesterday sounded like a bitching session.

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