Paid Podcasting – Pipe Dream or Profit Center? (Who Wants Free Preferred Seating?)

Remember Curry’s “un-conference” stunt at last year’s Podcast Expo? A new player that you’ll want to watch, Podango, is actually leveraging their Silver Sponsorship at the Expo to do an un-conference of their own, but, this one is right in the conference.

Smart move here. They’re in the “hall” so your free tickets to Podcast Expo will get you into their unconference.

What does this mean? How about this for a lineup of speakers: Jason Van Orden, the MommyCasters, John Federico, John Furrier, David Lawrence, Tim Bourquin, and a bunch of others? How about this for a sampling of topics: “Politics and Podcasting”, “Paid Podcasting – Pipe Dream or Profit Center?”, “Eliminate Time Wasted on Post Production”, and “What Sponsors Want”?

As you can imagine, this is going to be a very popular element of the Expo.

Hat’s off to Lee and the gang for leveraging the power of the Expo but still dancing with the one who brung ya.

Hint – 3,000 people will be let into the hall during those two (darn it, magical) days. Podango is passing out 300 priority seating cards to those in “the know.”

Consider yourself in the know. Sign up today.

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