GoDaddy Podcast Hosting

I’m sure that this happened in direct response to my discount Podcasting hosting post ;-). Really, that’s the kind of power this Blog wields.

The weekend is only moments away dear friends …

In short, is now offering some pretty insane Podcasting hosting / service packages as well.

Click on their Hosting options and you’ll see some very cool opportunities:

Deluxe Plan, 1 Gig of Transfer, $6.99 a Month.

Premium Plan, 2 Gig of Transfer, $14.99 a Month.

Go……………Daddy …

P.s., don’t confuse this with the Quick Podcast from package, which wants to charge more for, well, less. I’m sure they just haven’t updated that area of there site yet?

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And, yes, this is an affiliate link. They may not sponsor any of my Podcasts (did I offend?), but they have a good little program here.

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