When is a Microsoft Podcast not a Microsoft Podcast?

Back in March I asked why the Microsoft Podcast On10.net wasn't in the iTunes directory.

Duncan Mackenzie responded, rather quickly, that:

Hey Paul, we will add an iTunes URL… the feed is submitted but we were launching a semi-secretive mode and didn’t submit it until we launched so we went with the real RSS link as a start.

Well, nearly 5 months later, a search of on10.net in iTunes and … nothing. Please tell me that you're still not in “semi-secretive” mode.

There are several feed options in their Feed page, so I know RSS hasn't been abandoned.

I guess there are 2 options – both of them, well, not good: 1) Nobody submitted it yet, denying Microsoft 80+% of the market. 2) Twas submitted and twas rejected and Microsoft missed the marketing opportunity of a lifetime.

O.k., there is a third option, but that one is even sadder – it is in iTunes, somewhere deep down, but nobody thought to list it in such a way that it could be found.

Microsoft, take a tiny percentage of what you're gonna spend on Zune showing the world that you're serious about portable media, not serious about spending money hoping to get us to believe that your serious about portable media.


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