Podcast Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth

Let’s explain this as easily as possible:

Bandwidth costs money. Hosting providers pay for bandwidth. Hosting providers that give away unlimited bandwidth for free won’t be hosting providers for long.

However, … the “buy in bulk” principle applies to bandwidth almost better than anywhere else. If done right, a Podcast that does a terabyte a day can still be financed for a small percentage of 1 ad insertion in the show.

The following Web hosting providers all offer 1000 gigs of transfer (or more) for $10 (or less). I call them the Ten Buck Terabyte list:

I will gladly add to this list any legitimate hosting firm – just comment below. Only requirement – they must offer 1,000 gig of transfer for less than $10.

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Yes, if they have a program, I’ll be using my affiliate links.

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