Attempts Subliminal Advertising – Millions of 13 Year Olds Register Domain Names

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The fine folk at GeekbriefTV tried something fascinating in today's brief (#0059).  At 1:03 into the popular video Podcast, you get this image.

Cali is famous (and do I dare say brilliant) for her promotion of her GoDaddy coupon code in all of her Podcasts.  First, the Geoff Smith jingle and now, … this (and 10% off your GoDaddy purchase with Cali's code).

GoDaddy better be paying her well for this.  She's doing more for the brand name than all the other Podcasts they're promoting combined. 

And now, GoDaddy owns the 13 year old boy demographic.  Has anyone registered “” yet?  What about “”

I can't believe I'm posting this image on my site.  This is news, right?

FWIW, I got a response back from GoDaddy re not sponsoring my Podcasts with a very nice offer, but, I just can't compete with Cali.

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