Microsoft’s “The Show On 10” Is At iTunes.

It was option #3 all along. You can find it (the “Show On 10” Video Podcast) in iTunes, just not by searching for “” or anything that obvious. A search for “The Show On 10” will get it, as will this direct link.

Props to Jeff Sanquist for his note accordingly.

He asked for suggestions on getting found easier. I suggested the following:

1 – i thought the show was called “” and searched accordingly. i can imagine a lot of people do the same. ad “” to title, description and keywords.

2 – you used 8 words in your description – none of which say anything about the show – i'd do something like “The Microsoft (Video) Podcast “The Show on 10″ ( is a a place for people with both a passion for technology and a desire to change the world. Subscribe to get new episodes downloaded as they come out.”

3 – you used some characters in your author area that look odd in iTunes. fix 'em.

4 – you got two bad reviews in iTunes but some real fans at the site. leverage that.

5 – subscribe in iTunes button on the home page. you'll double your downloads.

6 – add a “how to subscribe” video to your home page.

Anyone else have any additional suggestions? I'll approve the constructive ones and we'll all be better for it.

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