Does iTunes Charge Podcasters?


Apple has one job and one job with this whole crazy Apple/iTunes/Podcasting/Television/Movie Rentals thing.

That's to sell iPods.

That's why they make it so easy to submit a Podcast. The more Podcasts iTunes offers, the more valuable the iPod is – the more they can sell – the higher their stock price goes.

The money is in the iPods – for them.

The money is in the content – for the Podcasters – at least the ones that read this blog 😉

This is important, because this relationship is very different from someone like say, Google, who makes their money from either you, our your competition, buying traffic accordingly.

For Google, the one sends the most money to Google is the ideal Google customer.

For Apple, the Podcast that folk really want to listen to is the ideal Podcast for Apple.

See the difference 😉

Could Apple start charging Podcasters? Sure. But it isn't in their best interest at this point in time.

That's what makes this industry so different.

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