PodcastOffer.com and the, well, Podcast Offer

Take a simple SnipURL.com type service.

Attached an official sounding Podcast name to it – something like PodcastOffer.com.

Offer it for free. Keep it free. Don’t even require registration. How Web 2.0 is that ;-)?

Suggest that Podcasters offering things in their Podcast (especially things that monetize – but that’s my angle) say things like “To get your free week of music from Yahoo, visit Podcast Offer Dot Com Slash Free Music.

The idea here – Podcasters with an easier option for promoting affiliate links might do just that …

And, yes, give it a try, http://www.podcastoffer.com/freemusic does take you to a free week of Yahoo Music. CJ pays $15 for people who sign up for the free trial – really – wrote about that some time back.

If there are other tools the Podcaster could use like this, please let me know.

Using PodcastOffer.com to some success? Let me know about that too – I’d love to give Profitable Podcasters a little press.

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