GTDGmail Anyone?

I got to meet David Allen of Getting Things Done fame briefly. Heck of a nice guy. (There are other advantages than pay of Podcasting events).

I'm a data packrat, have always been one. I've read Getting Things Done multiple time and have slowly been integrating it in. Problem is, of course, that the stuff is really only powerful when it integrates into everything you do. To this point, I've mostly been getting a taste of how great things are going to be.

With the purchase of my Mac, I found that fellow Macers are huge GTD fans.

Got into 43 Folders. Even tried a Hipster PDA (take a look at 43 Folders).

But then, this … It's an extension for Firefox that writes a few things atop Gmail to make it a major GTD system.

I've just spent the last thirty minutes in my inbox, doing the good GTD stuff, and, wow …

This might be the tool that pulls me fully into the system.

But boy do I have a messy office I need to clean up when I get home.

If you're looking for some organizational help, can't recommend GTD enough – it's the read thing by real people. If your inbox is like mine, well, is the perfect addition.

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