Big Seminar 8 Podcast

The new version of is up. This will be the biggest Podcast related push for Big Seminar yet.

The strategy behind the new site? Here are a few highlights:

Each faculty member (past and present) gets their own page. Why? Great place for affiliate link placement.

Although the Podcast remains free, there is heavy promotion of the email newsletter on the site. Why? About 90% of Big Seminar event tickets (sold through this channel) have come from the Podcast’s email newsletter subscribers.

Typo management. Yup, some of these speakers have some hard names to spell and we’ve got pages for the typos as well.

Click to play on the episode segments. In the past speakers have linked to their presentations from their own Blogs. Make it as easy as possible for the audience to consume their first episode. Make it attractive (and easy) as possible for those first time listeners to subscribe.

There are some other things happening behind the scenes, but I can’t tell all my secrets can I ;-)?

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