iPod Cheapest Options

I get this question over and over again, “Paul, what is the cheapest iPod option out there?

A few points on your quest:

First, the refurbed iPod. Basically, once in awhile an iPod comes off the line with something not right, it gets returned and it gets fixed. They can’t sell it as new, but it is as good as new (same guarantees, etc.). Thus, they’re called refurbs (short for refurbished) and they’re cheaper.

A quick search of Google will treat you nicely.


Let me tell you a little something about iPod pricing – it ain’t “officially” price fixing – but, Apple makes sure that the price for iPods stay within a pretty tight range. Want to know how to get around it?

You bet you do?

Many companies stay within the price range but throw in special items – like FM transmitters, car chargers, that kind of thing. Here’s one company that does that well:

iPod SuperStore at MacMall, the #1 Apple Direct Reseller. Thousands of accessories

And, finally, ask yourself this question: is getting an iPod the most important thing – or is saving a few bucks your goal? There are lots of MP3 players out there that are much cheaper than the iPod. Below is very cheap option:

MP3 Players Starting at $9

Best of luck in finding the cheapest iPod out there!

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