Evan’s Podcasting Site Roundup

Evan Williams, CEO of Odeo (of which I've always been a big fan) posted a “Podcasting Site Roundup” that I hadn't grabbed a good look at until today.

There's some very interesting stuff here. My highlights:

  • No listing for MyPodcastCenter.com? Actually, I understand, but we are are 321,551 – better than a few he listed. Anyway, enough whining.
  • Podcast Pickle is beating Podshow! Wow, didn't see that one coming. I guess I need to buy P. Dilly a beer at PME. Now, combine Alley with Podshow and you got something stronger than the Pickle – but the Pickle is making an undeniable dent in this “space.”
  • Podcasting News is beating Podtech! Another surprising one for me. I do think Scoble will do some interesting thing for Podtech numbers though.
  • Odeo is almost as strong as Libsyn. I guess they're even cooler than I thought they were.
  • Podomatic has more traffic than Pickle, Podshow, Podcast Alley, or Podcasting News. Nuff said – I need to pay attention to these guys.
  • I'm sure plenty will whine about Alexa as traffic ratings metric. They ain't perfect by any means, but when you compare people within the same segment, their numbers are worth examining.

    What do you make of the report?

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