MySpace Sells More Than MSN Does

In the category of should be very obvious, TechCrunch reports today that MySpace is driving more retail traffic than MSN search.

This “story” made me think of ZeFrank's discussion of t-shirts and imaginary places on his 8/24 show. See, these million person t-shirts are cheap, and feel like it, but I'm willing to spend a few more bucks to get to one of them undiscovered places I had to ask my friend directions to and, as a result, more money is spent. You're gonna have to listen to ZeFrank to understand what I'm talking about.

Basically, I expect the search engines to tell me to buy. I expect the television to tell me to buy. I expect that junk mail (physical – or spam) to tell me to buy. And, sometimes I will – but with a hesitation that comes from being ordered around.

But when a friend tells me to buy – or makes a recommendation – the likelyhood of my consumption is considerably better.

For example, how many more of you are going to start watching ZeFrank, now that I've told you how much I dig the guy? If I sold ads on this thing, there isn't an ad that could be purchased that would have the power of this post.

One day, Ze, I'll show you my power move.

Did I mention that my budget for payperclick advertising goes down every month?

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