MySpace to Sell More Music Than MSN Does?

Boy, lot’s of MySpace news right now.

According to, MySpace is going to sell DRM free, MP3s from 3 million unsigned bands. Feature will be powered by Snocap, brainchild of former Napster founder Shawn Fanning.

As we saw yesterday, MySpace impacts buying decisions something fierce. Could this “untraditional” entry into the online media space do more damage to iTunes than a more traditional iPod competitor strategy (can anyone say Zune)?

Podcasters first heralded the end of the monoculture.

Do I dare say, coming soon, the end of the monostore?

When we only had 3 choices, we made one of 3 choices. Now that we have millions, we’re going to choose across them equally as well. We’ll see big stars in music, media and Podcasting – but the opportunity for the long tail is simply no longer theory, it is the future of our media.

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