Paul’s Podcast Expo To Do List Part 1

Ten things on my Podcast Expo to do list:

  • Shake Ron Moore’s hand. Tell him thanks for making BSG such an excellent show. Let him know he’s in the book as one of our favorite Podcasts.
  • Meet Gary Leland. Tell him, sorry, I didn’t get it, I do now. Excellent job sir.
  • Get my picture taken with a few the Podcasting stars that will be attending. The reason I love this industry is because of the people in it.
  • Spend some time in each booth learning about the technologies. I still got lots of things to learn 😉
  • Get some show IDs with my Edirol R-9.
  • Ask those Podcast Ready guys some serious questions. This technology could be a lot more important than we realize.
  • Give Kevin and/or Alex some really good Oregon beer for their next show. They promised to show up at the Podcast Awards Event
  • I’m sure I’ll have more to ad to the list shortly. What’s on your list?

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