The Post-Amanda ‘Boom

I've been writing this one in my head for nearly a month now. With the “other” famous television host who launched after a political takeover last night, I could help but think of my favorite Video Podcast Hostesses.

It's time to talk about the post-Amanda ‘Boom.

First of all, I miss Amanda. She's got something up her sleeve that she'll be announcing soon, and I can't wait.

But I had this gut feeling when she left that the ‘Boom was going to do fine. And I was right.

If you want to talk raw numbers, take a look at Andrew's latest post. They're doing fine as well. Never doubted they would.

But now let's talk the new talent, let's talk Joanne.

In short, they pulled it off without missing a beat. It wasn't that Amanda was untalented, it was that they found the right talent to replace her. I can't help but thing of Dianne leaving Cheers or Colonel Blake's departure from M*A*S*H. New faces, but the saga continues – and we all get to laugh along at home.

And I honestly don't think it is the “Euro” angle that is getting people to take her seriously. I think she's just as wacky as Amanda ever was (did you catch the Tiki Bar Episode – or did you learn to tie your shoes all over again as well) and Joanne appears to be able to hold her own in front of the camera. There's something in the eye that says “I ain't just reading this script people.” (but in a British accent of course). Simply said, it “works for me” and it looks like it is working well for everyone else.

For the politics of it all, the whole split left an odd taste in my mouth and I don't know if we'll ever know/understand the whole story. But it looks like our friends and our landmark Vblog all landed on their feet.

Good to know that can happen if any of us need a second chance.

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