Microsoft Not Podcasting Because Podcasting Not Important to Microsoft

Gotta get this off my chest. Today’s Wired News piece just makes it easier to write about.

All previous conversations (of hope) about Microsoft maybe one day possibly kinda perhaps launching something that looks like a Podcasting thing were just silly. The 30 month excuse was as shallow as a high school cheer. The concept that Longhorn Loves RSS, a silly attempt to leverage the Gnome’s good name for Microsoft’s benefit.

If Microsoft wanted to produce a Podcast element for Windows Media, they would have. It’s that simple. If I really wanted to lose the pounds I need to lose, I would as well. It’s that simple. Sadly, they aren’t priorities for either of us.

But somehow I think even I am gonna be at the weight I should be before my Mom listens to Podcasts on something out of Redmond. Zune included.

Back to the Wired piece. When it matters to Microsoft, they act.

Podcasting doesn’t matter to Microsoft. They aren’t acting.

Shareholders, you want to own a piece of a billion dollar company that says the future is the Web yet ignores Podcasting?

Nuff said.

If anyone has any advice how to get them to act, I’m all ears. The market doesn’t work, and common sense, well, look at their Vista pricing strategy

Maybe we need to buy Bill an iPod?

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