Google Quietly Enters Podcast Space – And It (Surprisingly) Ain’t Ready for Prime Time

I saw this Adwords ad when searching Google:

Share Your Podcasts
Upload podcasts through Google Base
so millions of users can find them

Wow, this could get interesting. Click through to this …

You’ve got the podcast. Now, by uploading it to Google Base, you can help ensure that millions of Google users will be able to find it in their search results.

Sure gonna try that one.

So, you click through to “Post an Item” – Podcasting is one of the choices.

Wow, I decide to post Episode 1 of Profitable Podcasting. I get this note of all things:

Warning: We don't recognize the file extension .mp3. Once it's done uploading we will tell you for sure whether or not you can attach it.

Hmm, Google, sloppy beta testing …

Still waiting for upload.

15 minutes later … still waiting for upload. I'm guess we have a problem here. Will give it 15 more.

O.k., upload ain't working – maybe it is a Mac issue (I am using Firefox). Let's try the “Get a file from the web (URL)…” Same message about not knowing the whole MP3 thing.

O.k., it attaches via Web – good news.

Bad news – it attaches 1.13kb worth.

So I go to publish …

Drumroll please …

Oh yes, … here it is …

Of course, it doesn't link to a real MP3 file. And I gave it one (tested twice). Not quite sure.

I guess this feature isn't ready for prime time yet.

Anyone else seen success?

Google, what are you trying to do here?

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