Leo Caves … This Week in Tech Takes Advertising …

And I quote … (TWiT #67)

From day 1, we said we wouldn’t take any advertising, because I had some crazy kind of utopian notion that somehow we could do this without any money. This has proven to be a false notion. So we welcome our first advertiser ever … on This Week in Tech.

It’s Visa!

After this mention he then spent a little time talking about Visa’s security features and efforts.

Advertising has entered TWiT and guess what …

The show still is great.

The grove is still there.

Nobody looks at Leo and Co as sell-outs.

Leo and Co and now pay some bills. If the show was as great as it was with no profit, imagine what could happen if this became their day job.

Podcasting grew up a little bit this week. We’re getting that much closer.

Congrats Leo. Your placement in our book as one of our favorite Podcasts remains.

I’m even gonna charge lunch today on my Visa card.

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