Zune Podcasting – Or a Sick Joke?

TechCast Weekly writes:

So I come home for a lunch break today and take a quick look at my Feedburner stats. As I’m scrolling through my subscriber list, which shows me what software is being used to pick up subscriptions to the RSS feed, I notice something. In amongst the iTunes and Google FeedFetcher and FeedDemon, there is an entry for Microsoft Zune(firmware 0.9 beta). Could it be? Is there someone out there with a test Zune that is subscribing to the feed for this little podcast?

Read the whole post here.

Anyone else seen this mystery entry? I haven’t, but that means nothing.

Update: He’s posted a screenshot. For what it is worth, when I said “sick joke” I meant on him, not him playing a sick joke on us 😉

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