Apple Event Agenda Leaked? Token Pre-Event Prognostication

Let’s assume the Apple Event Agenda was leaked. A few pre-Steveness thoughts …

  • Steveness knows people love the surprise. Even if there is a “TubePort” product, that’s the code-name for the project people, this way if something does leak, it ain’t the real product name. Also, is registered to some guy in Hong Kong.
  • Movie store and iPod upgrades are logical givens. That’s how you get people, stage a few logical givens, and then get them to believe a few big ones.
  • Notice how quiet Scoble has been since his “dizzying amount of new products” statement. He’s a smart guy, with trust of some very smart guys, and wasn’t fibbing when he posted what he posted. I’m sure he got his hand slapped …
  • But today, I predict vindication of the Scobleizer.

    My review of the event is here.

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