It’s Showtime – Is It Anything More Than Show?

The rest of the world will be blogging Steve’s “It’s Showtime” event. The comments here focus on the impact of this show for the Profitable Podcaster and the industry at large.

My pre-show predictions: here.

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#1 – 70% of the cars sold now have some kind of iPod connection. Shipped over 65 million iPods as of June. It is quickly easier to consume Podcasts in your car than it is radio.

#2 – IMTS now selling games for the next generation iPod – $4.99 each. They’re obviously branching out to other forms of media.

#3 – iPod is getting cheaper. $249 for 30 gig / $349 for 80 gig. Response to Zune?

#4 – 2nd generation for the Nano. $149 for 2GB, $199 for 4GB, $249 for 8GB model. The flash based Podcatcher just got cheaper and sexier.

#5 – New version of Shuffle doesn’t matter to Podcasters.

#6 – iTunes is the fifth largest music seller in the U.S. The easiest place to get Podcasts is quickly becoming the favorite place to buy music. Leverage that positioning people 😉

#7 – iTunes 7 announced. Doesn’t look like much for Podcast (at least in his presentation).

#8 – 45 MILLION TV SHOWS DOWNLOADED. Wow content, when and where you want it. Who would have guess it would have been so popular? 220 shows represented. And now, regular TV resolution … hook your iPod to the television anyone?

#9 – As predicted, movies. Disney, Pixar, Touchstone, Miramax in the mix. Surprise – only $12.99 “pre-orders and first week.” Same day as DVD release. 75 in stock today. You can start watching as it downloads – approx 30 minues for a movie via broadband. Again, content when and where we want it.

#10 – One last thing …. But it won’t be out until Q1 next year. A wireless box – PC and Mac. From your computer to your television set. Half the size of Mac Mini. Works with your Apple remote. Interface is Front Row – which I have been saying since release was never meant for a computer 😉 DVD quality. One video plays on your computer, your iPod and now on your television set.

The age of the video Podcast starts Q1 2007.

And I was right about my Showtime is iTunes prediction too! Scoble has been vindicated as well. I’m tired.

Thank you Steve, you didn’t fail us 😉

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