Podango in Beta Mode … Model Sure Makes Sense To Me

As reported by Tech Crunch, Podango is now in public beta mode.  Many of you read between the lines on my Internet Marketing Podcast Network comments, but let’s make things official, shall we?

The heart of what “made so much sense” for me here was the simple fact that those who actually wish to consume Podcasts on a regular basis, probably don’t always want to wait for most of us to produce our next one.  Alex and I have a hard time getting ours out twice a month – what are our “regulars” to do between now and then?

This is where the station model makes sense.  Sure, all Podcasters love to recommend shows, and these recommendations were some of the best options we had – but now we can send them to one place that groups the shows together and then shoots them all down the channel.

The advertising models, I still believe, are to be worked out.  Those in my station are thrilled with my goal of taking our revenue and spending it on further advertising for the station – I can’t imagine this will be the path for everyone.

Should you join with Podango?  If you’re going to be at Podcast Expo, make sure to chat with their team.  Good people over there with a model I certainly dig.  How long will it last?  I’m in it for the long run, and I think you’ll see that reported, as times goes on, in this blog.

BTW, their Duct Tape Marketing Channel has some very interesting players worth looking at as well.  See how well this whole cross-promotion thing works 😉

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