Blogosphere Abuzz with Apple and Zune News While Sonos Does Something Really Important

Everyone’s talking Apple to Zune, while ignoring an important announcement from Sonos.

Too many missed this one:  As reported by Engadget,  the new Sonos System Software 2.0 does their music subscription engine a little different – THEY INGORE THE COMPUTER IN THE MIDDLE.

Yes, if your Sonos is connected to the Internet (and has version 2 software), you don’t need a computer to download your music collection of a gazillion tracks from the Rhapsody service.

This is the stuff is the future.

Apple and Microsoft both are pushing hard to get us all to tie into the desktop for our entertainment (and Internet delivered media) needs.  Even Zune’s WIFI connection can’t be used to download content from the net – you have to get it from your computer (really, I’m note joking … yes, it is quite silly).  This is an unneeded tie-in.  People are quickly realizing that.

I’ve been frequently asked “Why would you ever listen to a Podcast on a Tivo?”  Of course, that question is only asked by computer types usually sitting in front of their two thousand dollar computer with some media player running in the background.  My Mom is thrilled that she can listen to her son on the same easy to use device that brings her Dancing with the Stars.   Yeah, she’s got a computer, but I still get email now and then that her email isn’t working (wait for it …).

The easier it gets – the more and more people will consume.  Every Podcaster on the planet should be eat/sleeping/drinking this truth.

Why do you think folk still watch television or listen to drive time radio?

Want to make it easier?  Remove the computer from the middle (even if it has Vista or Leopard).  Thank you Sonos for making it easy.

I really should get me one of those things.

The future of this stuff is transparent delivery.  Right now we got when and where we want it and are thrilled with the results but soon, the how is going to get a lot easier.

And it just might be a company like Sonos that shows us the way, despite how cool Steve is, or how much money Microsoft throws at the topic.

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