7 Things I Want To See On The ScobleShow

Scoble has been taunting us all weekend with previews of what's coming to ScobleShow.

Nobody asked me, but here's what I want:

1.  Chronicle the transition/upgrade of the Podtech.net site to a major Podcasting Portal.  We know you're going to take us there – take us for the ride as well.

2.  Keep the bubble honest by Podcasting the warts too.  You've been good at that, and I'm pretty sure you'll keep going – but this issue is VITAL.  If we leave our news up to Business Week stories, we'll burst faster than we did last time.

3.  Use your charm to show us stuff you shouldn't show us.  You got some access that we don't have.  You have to keep a lot of it quiet – we understand.  But once in awhile, make a comment like you did about Apple and keep us guessing, asking, wondering, hacking …

4.  Run the numbers.  You've done it in the past – keep doing that.  Not enough people do.  If the duck looks dead, and the numbers add up accordingly, Podcast the heck out of them numbers and prove the dead duck.  We appreciate your thoughts, but sometimes the numbers tell an even better story.

5.  Promote ScobleShow mashups.  Don't just allow them, promote them.

6.  Put faces on Podtech people – just like you did at Microsoft.  You're job is to position Podtech as a major player.  I've met a chunk of them – they're pretty engaging people.  Give us an idea of the bigger “network” at play here.  I don't want to say model the networks here but the way network news cross-promotes morning and evening with magazine shows comes to mind.  But, unlike the networks, do it to give us the bigger picture, not just to get us to consume more of what you're offering.

7.  Have some fun / show us the fun.  Your task is daunting and there must be a lot of pressure.  I can't but help think of Google sending beach towels to Adwords customers a few summers back with the reminder to not forget the summer.  Sadly, that's the last package they ever sent (and my buys continue to go up).  Have some fun here, and Podcast it all, so that we are reminded to do the same.

I, too, can't wait Robert, make a damn announcement soon already.

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