Steve Wants Your Couch And I Want Him To Get It

MSNBC offers a simple overview article of the coming Apple iTV box and what it might mean to Apple and company.

I hope that Steve wins something fierce.

Why?  Here’s why …

iTunes is not only 84% of my audience right now – but it’s what I recommend to anyone who asks to listen to my show.  Yes, we’ve got click to play buttons but you know as well as I do that if we don’t get them to subscribe from there, we’ve, statistically speaking, lost them.

I want my audience subscribing to my content and listening when and where they want.  iPod/iTunes makes it easy – and if they can’t figure it out, I can tell them to visit an Apple store or any big box location.

The alternatives: remains broken beyond use anymore.  Odeo simply ain’t pulling it off.  Pickle is getting closer (and doing much better than Yahoo or Odeo), but there is still a lot of noise.  I could go on, but I won’t.  Simple fact: the easiest place to get a Podcast is iTunes (and don’t forget – iTunes works on PCs).

So, this box, why do I care?

My Podcasts (video or otherwise) will be found on that box.  It would be suicide on multiple levels for Apple to backtrack on their support of us “indies” – so I’m “in the box.”

Apple spends millions getting the box on the tv of everyone and I just slide right in.

I love it.

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