The iTV Story Gets Googlicious?

Engadget asks, and who am I to not comment, if Apple and Google are talking 'bout some iTV / Google video “synergy.”

I love this stuff.

See, the story here ain't about new iPods with bigger screens or Zunes that are hoping to gain market shareThe story is about me being able to get my media on my terms.

Apple really stumbled onto something with iPod/iTunes.  I won't argue if it was intentional – or the goal all along – but the magic here is that we all get along in one happy space.

My iPod, right now, holds some Rocketboom, a Ninja or two, a couple of Disney flicks for the kids, most of my music collection (now with fancy album art), 100+ hours of Podcasts, and some Internet training that I bought and ripped on my computer.

See, we're all in this together.  The Incredibles share the same hard drive as the incredible Cali and the TWiT gets the same space as Hall and Oates (guilty pleasure).

When my iTV box can access all this stuff from the couch, and Google video, and anything else people hack it to access,  I am in complete control of all of my media.

And Apple did it.

Time to buy some more stock (Apple, not Google).

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