iTV Review

Anyone reading my blog lately knows how bullish I am on Apple’s iTV project. MacWorld has a piece – iTV: What You Need To Know – that puts the whole story together. Read it.

Remember, this ain’t a piece of hardware for Apple computers – this is a piece of media equipment for anyone with a computer. We saw what that approach did with the iPod and can only expect the same result from this.

Microsoft’s Media Center project is just too much work for so little payoff (especially when you own a Tivo). I kept wanting Akimbo to matter (especially with their (limited) support for a number of video Podcasts, but the real estate is too much for such a limited selection.

iTV is the Media Center killer and the Akimbo killer. Will it be a PVR killer too? Not quite ready to say.

It is also the missing link for me receiving (easily) video Podcasts on the same box as I enjoy watching my “other shows” on. I mentioned earlier that I was “getting the vision for video Podcasting” and, well, the picture gets clearer every day.

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